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I know you’ve been dying to know how Eleanor is doing while I’ve been Saint-Simoning with formicarum building. Well, she has been preparing for a right wind of winter by settling down and reading the classics. I found her curled up in the deepest part of her lucubrium with an original edition of Das Kapital and a cup of tea. Now, I know that she does that during unfavorable political climate but I also know how hard the political landscape in antworld is affected by temperature so I got out at terrarium heating mat and hooked it up. So instead of a cold, heartless right wing autumn of the soul she is experiencing a balming twenty five degrees of Communism summer. She is more active building her cadre, cleaning her eggs and generally taking care of her brood. Any movement needs these times of introspection and study and normally ants do this during the cold hard winter. This is quite normal but I want her to have a small nanitic cadre before hibernation. I don’t want her starting up spring party building with no organisation.



So we need a formicarium. It’simportant to get the right look and feel för the budding commune. What’s the ultimate commune architecture?
Concrete. Lots of concrete!

I got a cheap photo frame and some clay. The idea is that the Lasius Flavius especially is a small and shy species I thought I would make her a small cave for her first home but also use the entire glas plate. So I have a small room and a corridor at the bottom of the formicarium. There is a an exit to the out world at one end and another that will be blocked to start with but that can easily be connected to the rest of the rooms with a short tube. There is also a water reservoir at the bottom left side. I dusted the area with crushed expanded clay to try to increase the moisture in that corner.


This is he negative, that is the clay mould on glass. It was surprisingly easy to separate the mould after the concrete hardened.You can see how I tried to shape the tunnels into a triangle cross section so that there is a flatish floor and a sloping roof.


I’m thinking, this is a nice first try. I’m not sure if I’ll use it or if I’ll redo it from scratch. After all, she wont have a cadre large enough for some months.

Out world

So I’ve constructed a small out world. I found an old iPod nano case. It’s made from clear acrilic and it’s easy to cut and drill. A few holes and some concrete, two small decorations and it’s done.

I use concrete as a floor because I want a built up surface to place my decorations on but I don’t want her to start a burrow. The decorations are a small aquarium plant and a Star Destroyer (just to give a sence of scale and importace). In the future I’ll remake the box into a test tube dockingstation but the time when I need to dock multiple watering tubes and feeding tubes is a couple of years away.


Ants need almost no air!

That ‘almost’ is the tricky part. Ants are small and airholes are big. That is why so many antkeeping pics, tips and tricks, include cotton balls. A cotton ball is like an impenetrable forrest of tiny fibers but it still lets a tiny trickle of air through. Since I’m new to this I try not to over consume and buy loads and loads of expensive formicanrias and out worlds. (Beware of crappy pictures below.) I’ve been experimenting with airholes in my up coming mini out world. First i stretched a rubbery plastik over the air intake and poked it with a needle. I wasn’t very pleased with the result so I decided to, instead, drill holes in clear acrylic. This could have been so much better looking but I’m fairly happy with the result.

20161002_19043620161002_190515 20161003_074635

0,8mm drill and aquaium grade silicone sealant.

Tube Life

So,the ever ongoing question of clautral or semi-claustral. I’ve decided to give Nour some food. Laying eggs is hard work, not to mention caring for the brood so I gave her a small piece of cat food. Also I extended the nest outside of her cigar tube so I can see if she eats anything without handling the test tube. She really doesn’t like me picking up her home all the time (OK, I don’t pick it up all the time. I look at her at most twice a day, but now I can hopefully disturb her a little less.).


A study of Socialism in One Test Tube

In this study I will try to observe and evaluate the concept of Socialism in One Country through a long term study of a colony of ants.

So I got me an ant. She is a Lasius Flavus, named Eleanor. I needed a name of a great female that had a genetic value so I chose one of the Marx sisters. Eleanor, shortened to Ella, Elly or Nor. Hmm Noor. Nour. Yep, Nour, meaning light, briliance or radiance. Eleanor is a small ant even for her spieces, about 5.7 mm (normally they’re 7 to 9 mm).

So she arrived in a testube with a moist cottonball. I wanted to make sure she got settled as soon as possible so I connected another testube, rigged with water, end to end to her travelling tube. After only half an hour she started exploring her new home. But it took her about twenty four hours to  move over to her new tube.
That also the pace of myrmecologi; You spent hours watching her do nothing then decide to du something new. Then you wait to see if something happens. 20160915_162622 I decided to give her some honey water. Now, I don’t know if she is claustral or ”semi-claustral”. That is, I dont’t know if she is the type of girl that says ”Fuck all” during her first pregnancy ”I won’t go outside untilmy first daughters are with me!” 20160915_183315or if she woud like some food. (I’m quite sure she’s not non-claustral – that is, she wont go out hunting.)

But I do know that she is fossorial and shy. So I set up a system to encourage her to move in. I hid the new home in an old cigar tube. Then I put a weak torch to shine on the travel tube. Then comes the long wait.

Maybe she will raise a nice brood or maybe she is disturbed and stressed. It’s so hard reading the facial expresions of ants!20160916_110258