I know you’ve been dying to know how Eleanor is doing while I’ve been Saint-Simoning with formicarum building. Well, she has been preparing for a right wind of winter by settling down and reading the classics. I found her curled up in the deepest part of her lucubrium with an original edition of Das Kapital and a cup of tea. Now, I know that she does that during unfavorable political climate but I also know how hard the political landscape in antworld is affected by temperature so I got out at terrarium heating mat and hooked it up. So instead of a cold, heartless right wing autumn of the soul she is experiencing a balming twenty five degrees of Communism summer. She is more active building her cadre, cleaning her eggs and generally taking care of her brood. Any movement needs these times of introspection and study and normally ants do this during the cold hard winter. This is quite normal but I want her to have a small nanitic cadre before hibernation. I don’t want her starting up spring party building with no organisation.



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